New method to install and use Fouad iOS and MBWA iOS – Method 2024

You can’t use WhatsApp because you have been suspended or it shows you the famous message “You need the WhatsApp application to use this account” or “Switch to WhatsApp now”?

To solve this you will first need to have official WhatsApp installed, yes, WhatsApp installed from Google play.
If you are still on fouad ios or mbwa ios, follow this guide to be able to move to official WhatsApp. Click here to read the guide.

If you already have the official WhatsApp installed, you only need to follow the following steps to install and use Fouad iOS or MBWA iOS.
But because official WhatsApp will be installed, we will only use MBWA iOS (Between Fouad iOS and MBWA iOS there is no difference).

I recommend reading all the steps and then doing all the steps. You will only have 15 seconds to complete all the steps. Let’s get it going!

First step:

Install MBWA iOS from the link below, once downloaded install it.
Click here to download it

Second step:

Grant all permissions and then click “Agree and continue”.

Third step:

Click on the three dots and a menu will appear.

Fourth step:

Click “Link as companion device”.

Fifth step:

You will be shown a QR code (As if you were accessing WhatsApp Web), send this screenshot immediately to another device, be it a tablet, cell phone or computer/laptop.
You can also send it as a message to any trusted chat.

Sixth step:

Quickly, open WhatsApp Web or Link a device in official WhatsApp and scan the QR code sent to the other device.

Once the QR code is displayed on the screen, you only have 15 seconds to send and scan it.

If it shows you an error message, wait for another QR code to be generated, send it and scan it quickly.

If everything goes well, you can now enjoy MBWA iOS 🥳🎉!

Don’t forget to silence WhatsApp notifications (from app information) to avoid double notification.
You can also press and hold the official WhatsApp notification and tap mute.