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6.4 build 028
4.6/5 Votes: 619,203
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Jul 11, 2012
Jun 06, 2024
6.4 build 028
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Smart Launcher transforms your Android device with a new home screen designed for enhanced speed and simplicity. As a standout launcher, it organizes your apps into categories automatically, features a potent search engine, and seamlessly integrates with your changing wallpapers to offer a personalized experience. This launcher is built to make daily operations quicker and more intuitive, right from the palm of your hand.

Key Highlights of Smart Launcher:

  • Automatic App Sorting: Smart Launcher categorizes your apps automatically, saving you time and keeping your home screen organized. This feature is so innovative that even Apple adopted a similar approach with its iOS 14 App Library.
  • Ambient Theme: The launcher adapts its theme to match your wallpaper, offering a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing interface each time you change your background.
  • One-Handed Usability: With crucial elements strategically placed at the bottom of the screen, Smart Launcher is optimized for comfortable one-handed use.
  • Responsive Built-in Widgets: Includes a comprehensive set of widgets that are responsive and versatile, enhancing your screen functionality.
  • Customization Freedom: Offers extensive customization options, allowing you to modify theme colors, select from thousands of Google Fonts, and personalize your setup to your taste.
  • Smart Search: The integrated search bar enables quick access to contacts, apps, and web searches, along with capabilities for quick calculations and contact additions.
  • Adaptive Icons: Supports the adaptive icon format from Android 8.0 Oreo, providing customizable and visually appealing icons for any Android device.
  • Gestures and Hotkeys: Supports configurable gestures and hotkeys, such as double-tapping to turn off the screen or swiping to open the notification panel.
  • On-Screen Notifications: Shows active notifications directly on the launcher without the need for an external plugin, enhancing reliability and stability.
  • Ultra Immersive Mode: Maximizes screen space by hiding the navigation bar, providing a fuller visual display.
  • App Protection: Offers the option to hide and secure apps with a PIN, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Efficient Wallpaper Picker: Includes a powerful wallpaper selection tool, enabling you to choose from various sources and even backup your current wallpaper before making changes.

Smart Launcher has been recognized as the best Android launcher across various platforms for its efficiency, customization capabilities, and innovative features, receiving accolades from Android Central, Tom’s Guide, Android Headlines, and more. It’s also been awarded by Google Play as the Best App of 2015.

Community Engagement and Updates:

Smart Launcher is a community-driven project, continually evolving with updates that support the latest Android APIs and devices. You can participate in our community and even become a beta tester through our subreddit: Smart Launcher Community.

Privacy and Accessibility:

The launcher requires access to the Android Accessibility API for some features but maintains a strict policy of not collecting any data through this API. This access is optional, ensuring you can customize your experience as you see fit.

Enhance your Android interface with Smart Launcher for a smarter, more customizable, and efficient user experience.

What's new

Premium features enabled 🚀 SL 6.4 build 028 What's New in This Update: - New, more transparent Blur theme - Various improvements to the Calendar Widget - Search results are now ordered based on relevancy - Fixed a bug related to double tap on items in folders - New UI to assign actions to SL gestures - You can now turn Gray Scale mode on with a gesture - Added Kagi as search provider



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