Return to the official WhatsApp from MBWA iOS: a complete guide

If you are using MBWA iOS and want to return to official WhatsApp, this is very easy.

First of all, if you are using Fouad iOS, you should read this guide.

And second, if you already have official WhatsApp and still want to use WhatsApp with iPhone style, read this guide.

So let’s continue…

First step:

Although you can use any file explorer, in this guide we will use Zarchiver, here is the link.

Second step:

Once Zarchiver is installed, we go to MBWA iOS and make a local backup. We go to Settings -> Chats -> Backup.
Once the backup is made, close the WhatsApp application and dont open it.

Third step:

Open Zarchiver, if possible grant the necessary permissions.
Once everything is ready, look for the folder called “Android”, inside that folder open the folder called “media” and finally press and hold the folder called “com.mbwhatsapp”.

Fourth step:

In the floating menu click “Rename”.

Fifth step:

Rename the “com.mbwhatsapp” folder to “com.mbwhatsapp1”, yes, add the number 1 at the end.

Sixth step:

The folder should look like this…

Seventh step:

Click on the folder “com.mbwhatsapp1”, inside it there is another folder called “MBWhatsApp”, hold it and click rename.
Rename “MBWhatsApp” to “WhatsApp”

Eighth step:

Now we open the “WhatsApp” folder, then click on the “Media” folder and inside it we will see more folders called “MBWhatsApp Videos”, “MBWhatsApp Images” etc.

One by one we rename and from each folder we only remove the first 2 letters “MB”, then, they should look like this: “WhatsApp Videos”, “WhatsApp Images” etc.

Nineth step:

Go back until you find the folder “com.mbwhatsapp1”, hold it and click rename, rename it to “com.whatsapp”.
The folder should look again like this…

Tenth step:

Once the folder is renamed, just uninstall MBWA iOS, DONT CHECK THE OPTION TO SAVE DATA.

Eleventh step:

Install official WhatsApp from Google Play, verify your number and restore your backup.

That’s all! If you still want to continue using Fouad iOS without uninstalling official WhatsApp, then follow this guide.