MDGram Messenger v17

Step into the world of MDGram, a Telegram client that exudes elegance and offers a whole new realm of customization. Born exclusively for Android users, MDGram ensures your communication experience is not only secure but seamlessly flawless. Unleash your creativity and unravel the possibilities with MDGram, powered by the Fully Secure Telegram API.

You Will Love The Functionality

All the features of MDGram are uniquely made for the user so that they can be efficient to use and fully customizable, easily accessible and user friendly.

  • Efficiency
  • Perfect
  • Usability
  • Secure


  • Home ios and Material You
  • Entry conversation ios and Material
  • Change Custom Emoji
  • Autotraslation messages
  • Personalization fonts Style
  • Bottom bar ios and Material You
  • Color theme and more


  • Update Date: 22-09-2023
  • Base Updated Telegram 10.0.5
  • Stories Telegram for all User
  • Fixed entry ios and Material
  • Fixed Search bar
  • Fixed Entry ios icon attach
  • Fixed others Small Bugs


Download MDGram Messenger

Link 1 (DevUploads)

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Link 2

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