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Whats is MBWA iOS ?

  • MBWA iOS is another modded version of WhatsApp that gives you the look and feel of using the iOS style of WhatsApp on an Android device. It has many options to be personalized and many privacy features and extra settings.


  • Exclusive: Who blocked you
  • Exclusive: Text to speech
  • Exclusive: Voice Speed
  • Exclusive: Who is typing to you
  • Added: New customization options (A background color for each screen in the home)
  • New: Block Screenshot
  • New: Repost status option
  • New: Custom font
  • New: Calls are now customizable
  • Fixed: Fab camera in status screen
  • Fixed: Archived chats when stories are activated
  • Enable Poll in all chats
  • Other

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  • Privacy and Security: This includes all your chat with reliable, fully featured privacy. Example: app / chat lock, freeze last seen, disable forwarding, who can call me, hide view friend status, Anti-delete status, Anti-delete message, show blue check after replying and privacy group, transmission and contact.
  • FMThemes – allows you to change themes, download, save, restart, restore, delete, and you can also import themes in the xml format.
  • Chat Backup: You must backup your chat history data before you start using the app. (Restoring the chat is not valid if you have previously used the Clone version of WhatsApp Mod.
  • General Settings: Includes all color customization settings, new display styles (iOS, Android O, Facebook, One UI), writing style, and launcher icons.
  • Languages: Indonesian, English, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, German, Turkish, Malay and many more.
    HD Image Sharing – You will receive and send high-quality images.
  • Conversation Cards – You will find chats in the form of cards that can easily be changed to the latest. (Android 5.0+ higher.
  • Home screen: You can adjust the appearance of the top header, the line, the floating action buttons, the status, the angle of the photo (max 100r) and hide the chat divider.
  • UI style navigation – You can find it under Fouad Mods> Home Screen> Header.
  • Bottom bar style: displays a style with a screen like the iOS customization located below the mobile screen navigation. You can choose with iOS, Bubble or basic style.
  • Activate the Instagram Story style: You will see a status screen / contact stories of other users appear in the top bar. This feature can be disabled at any time.
  • Separate chats / groups: if you enable this feature, the status page will be replaced by group chats and «stories like Instagram» will be forced.
  • Dark / Bright Light Mode: allows you to adjust the dark mode display so that it is easily illuminated. Vice versa.
  • Show airplane mode: operation allows you to stop receiving all messages from anyone.

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Download MBWA iOS


The application downloaded and/or shared from this website is completely safe, only the mentioned changes apply and nothing else. Malicious code will never be added to harm users.

Download themes

Dark Theme

  • Remember that this theme is also available on Fouad iOS (More title/Themes -> Dark theme)

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Light Theme

  • Remember that this theme is also available on Fouad iOS (More title/Themes -> Light theme)

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